Will this satisfy?

“We can never get enough of what we don’t need, because what we don’t need won’t satisfy us.” -Dallin H. Oaks.

I should write this on my debit card in black sharpie. I want to print it out a few times and stick it on my fridge, my laptop, and on the ceiling above my bed. Maybe I’ll hire a blimp to parade it across the sky over a shopping center.

We spend so much time engaging in retail therapy, working hard to pay for stuff we don’t need because we hope that finally, this outfit, this gadget, this book will solve all our problems. Maybe we don’t expect that of everything we buy, but when we whip out that credit card, we’re seeking that adrenalin rush that come with novelty, a new thing, but when the buzz wears off, we’re in the same place we were before and a few dollars poorer. Unsatisfied, we seek the next buzz.

I’m as guilty as any, but lately these words echo in my mind like my personal Jedi Master whenever I see some sparkly something that promises to solve my problems. Do I need this? Will this satisfy me? Will I still want this tomorrow, in a week, or next year?

If not, walk away and call a friend. Write a story. Go for a walk. Seek the things that truly fill us, and we’ll never need the fluff.



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  1. Seriously awesome quote. One to remember. (Oh and thanks for playing along!)

  2. I’ve discovered there’s more satisfaction in having a healthy savings account rather than buying that next thing I think I need on credit. I’m much happier and more fulfilled living a debt-free and minimalist lifestyle.

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