Learning to be Happy: Part 2

Continued from Learning to be Happy: Part 1

Yesterday, I finished The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Seriously, this is a life-changing book and everyone should read it. In the end of the book, Gretchen invites the reader to create their own happiness project. Visit her happiness project website and toolbox.

I love projects, and I want to learn to be happier, so of course, I skipped out of the library and got to work in my notebook.

The first step of my happiness project was to set my “Happiness Commandments” as Gretchen calls them. These are like little mantras, meant to remind you of the things you want to change. I borrowed a few of hers, but eventually I came up with ten little reminders to help keep me on track.

1-God First- My religion is important to me, so I want to recognize God’s hand in my own life. As, I need to get better about reading my scriptures. And not zoning out in church.

2-Think about the long run- Will this matter in a month? A year? A decade? Will I be glad I didn’t do this? Hopefully, this will help with exercise and eating choices, conflicts with other people, and maybe even bigger decisions.

3- Act the way I want to feel- (I borrowed this one from Gretchen) Whoever said “Fake it until you make it” knew what they were talking about. Smile. Dress well. Exercise anyway. Do my hair.

4-Be here now- 90% of the time, my mind is either off in the future (i.e., worrying) or lingering on the past. Notice the clouds more. Have a tea party with my 3-year-old cousin. See the colors in the flower beds. Don’t want to be anywhere else.

5- Say yes- Some people have a hard time saying no. Not me, I’m more of the party-pooper persuasion. Instead, I’ll go to that party. Try something new. Help with that service project.

6-Do it now- Again, I’m a terrible procrastinator, even with things I like to do because I “save them for later”. Instead: Write down that transaction. Wipe up that drip. Call her. Pay that bill. Start that story.

7- Don’t be a loner- Studies show that social interaction is crucial to happiness, even in introverts like yours truly.  So instead of hiding in the corner with my nose in a book, I’ll talk to people. Call a friend to go to lunch. Email someone I haven’t talked to in awhile. Accept when someone invites me to a movie I didn’t really want to see.

8- There is only love- Instead of doing things begrudgingly, out of obligation or because I’m paid to, I’ll do it because I care. Go above and beyond my nanny duties and be a big sister. Do something special for Sam.

9- Consistency is everything- A little every day adds up to a lot.

10- Connect with something real Limit web-surfing. Talk to someone face-to-face. Play with the dogs more. Exercise outside. Smell flowers. Play Barbies with Sophie.

What are your happiness commandments?

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  1. that say yes one is hard. have you seen yes man? maybe that will inspire you to say yes a little more 🙂

  2. I would add to this God first, family second and job third. When we have balance in our lives and learn to look at the positive in life you will be happy. It is the choice. Many things happen if life and we always have to see what we can learn when those not so good things happen.
    My own quote is,”Happiness is living in the present moment, having good memories of the past and looking forward to the future without taking away from the present.”

  3. “Act the way I want to feel” – that’s genius right there! The stuff about remaining in the present is important for me, too. Too often I’m dreaming of the future or ruminating on the past, so much so that I miss out on my present life!

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