Five good things

I’m visiting my family today, but I thought I’d share a trick I use to stay optimistic, recognized blessings in my life, and keep my perspective. I used to do this every day, and I decided I need to start again.

Every night before I go to sleep, I write down five good things that happened that day. If  it was a rough day, I write ten. Sometimes more.

If you want, keep a separate journal for these and read through them if you really need a boost. Doing, I’ve found that no matter how bad I think my life sucks that day, I can always find the good, even if it was a pretty sky or something silly one of the kids did.

It’s only noon here in Utah, but here are my five so far:

1- I managed to fit 20 minutes of exercise while breakfast was in the morning.

2-I finished that funny children’s book I’ve been reading. Now I get to read something else!

3- The drive down the canyon was beautiful.

4- I got to listen to Ender’s Game with Sam in the car. It’s becoming one of my new favorites.

5- I’m visiting my family in my hometown today.

And the day’s only going to get better.

Can you think of five good things that happened today?


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  1. Great idea! I’m going to do this too. Especially on the negative days 🙂

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