Learning to be happy: Part 3

Continued from Learning to be happy: Part 2

The next step to Gretchen Rubin’s happiness project was to list the areas of her life she wanted to improve and set a time frame for focusing on each other these areas. Then she worked on mini-goals within each time period. Her project lasted a year, so she each month she focused on one part of her life.

I think I’ll start with a week for each of my areas, and then each Monday I’ll check my progress.

It took forever, but I think I’ve identified my areas and mini-goals (I’ll probably keep adding to them) but as it stands, here they are:


–          Do a little yoga each day

–          Learn to move more

–          Take my vitamins

–          Honor my hunger and fullness

–          Treats should stay treats

–          Spend time outside every day


–          Do something nice for Sam

–          Make time  for us, every single day

–          No snapping

Friends and family:

­– Reframe social gatherings (i.e. don’t dread them)

-Call a friend of family member I haven’t talked to for awhile

-Arrange a get-together with my old friends

– Email someone I haven’t seen lately


-Be here now

– Sing like I mean it

-Keep better track of spending

-Honor my emotions

-Limit screen time


Decide to have fun

-Dress nicely. And shower every day.

-Don’t let myself off the hook

Act the way I want to feel

This week, I’ll start with Health, because the way I feel tends to affect everything else. Next Monday, I’ll let you know how I’m doing.

I’d also like to invite my readers to start their own happiness project! Visit Gretchen’s site for tips or make it up. Share it with me in the comments or send me a link!



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  1. Fake it till you make it 🙂

    I’ve heard a lot about this book–I’ll have to go check the link you provided!

    • It’s so true. “Act the way I want to feel” is becoming my new motto because it encompasses so many of my other goals. I need to paint it on my wall or something.

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