Emotions aren’t emergencies

One of the hardest lessons I had to learn about intuitive eating is that while it’s important to honor your hunger, hunger isn’t an emergency. Food is available everywhere and I’m in no danger of starving even if I’m not able to eat at the moment.

A lesson I learned today is that like hunger, emotions aren’t emergencies either. They may feel immediate and like the most important thing in the world, but they pass. Sadness, anger, or boredom isn’t the end of the world. While it’s important to acknowledge our feelings, we don’t have to scramble for a distraction or a solution if we’re uncomfortable. Sometimes, you just have to wait it out. Take a walk, do something with your hands, read something uplifting, but all you can really do sometimes is wait. Also, don’t make the mistake I did today and compound garden-variety melancholy with guilt. Everyone feels that way sometimes, even if it’s totally unreasonable.

It passes. Feel it, embrace it, don’t worry about it.


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  1. So true about emotions. I like your advice: Sometimes, you just have to wait it out. I picked up the Intuitive Eating book at the library the other day. I look forward to reading it. Discovered another book I’m curious about on another blog – How the Rich Get Thin by Jana Klauer, MD, a Park Avenue doctor. I love the title. I think I’ll check it out too. My library can’t get it, but Amazon has it.

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