Intuitive Eating: The Answer to all Your Food Worries

Who else is sick of “experts” pushing their nutritional persuasion as the perfect way of eating for everyone? Is anyone else’s head spinning while science tries to make up its mind? Animal proteins are essential! Wait, no, they’re actually the devil. Fat is evil, stay away! No, no it’s not, sugar’s the real villain! Dietary cholesterol obviously clogs your arteries. Actually…scratch that, no it doesn’t.

It’s enough to make you motion sick.

The thing that makes intuitive eating amazing is that it requires you to turn your inquiries inward rather than rely on an outside source to tell you what your body needs. You don’t need a guy in a white lab coat for that, your body already knows. Instead of buying into the notion that dairy is bad for you, why not pay special attention to how dairy makes you look and feel before you decide? Instead of eating something because you’ve heard it’s good for you, listen to your body to make sure it agrees. Don’t buy into any one school of nutrition thinking, but pay attention to what foods do to you and make choices based on what your body tells you. If something makes you feel awesome, you’ll probably develop a liking for it. If something else gives you stomach aches and makes you feel like you swallowed a rock, you’ll probably stop wanting it, or at least you’ll know to consciously avoid it.

As for me, I’ve read dozens of books pushing one way of eating or another, each proclaiming to be gastronomic gospel. I learn from each one, take it with a pound of salt, and remember that the author’s body isn’t mine. What works for them may not work for me. Also, science isn’t perfect. Many studies are full of holes and many more never get published because the media is so heavily controlled by the food industry.

Listen to your body and use your brain. Processed food probably isn’t the best foundation for nourishment, but will eating the occasional Oreo destroy the world? No. Ethical eating aside, real foods– things that come out of the ground or from healthy animals- are obviously a better choice than Easy Mac. Within that realm, finds out what works for you and eventually, you’ll hit a beautiful rhythm of eating that nourishes your body and your soul. I admit, I’m not quite there yet, but I’m well on my way.

Be mindful. Listen to your body. Keep a food/mood journal so you won’t forget any of it. Eating intuitively is harder than tuning out and following someone else’s rules, but it’s infinitely more rewarding. It may take you years, but it will be worth it.



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