Saturday Links I Love: 4/23/11

Happy Easter Saturday everyone! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I hope you’re enjoying this lovely day with friends and family and that everything’s going well for you. Here’s a roundup of my favorite things around the web this week.

I’ll be making this very soon to use up the case of sweet potatoes I just bought. And this. Obsessed with sweet potatoes? Why yes I am.

Be sure to check out this post. Christie beautifully addresses a common concern about intuitive eating.

If you haven’t written your Self Discovery Word-by-Word post for this month, make sure it’s on your to-do list! Mara from Medicinal Marzipan is hosting this month, so be sure to send her your posts. Here’s mine in case you missed it.

Do plus-size models contribute to the “obesity epidemic”? Visit Healthy is the New Skinny to get their take on this ridiculous issue.

And finally, I know I recently linked to Balancing Val, but she’s on a roll! Her thoughts on the new Geneen Roth book and the connection between food and money has been on my mind for days.

Have a great weekend, and leave me your favorite links in the comments!


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  1. Thanks for linking me up again, girl!

    The whole topic is still on my mind too! 🙂

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