23 Lessons in 23 Years


At 11:30 tomorrow night, I will turn 23.  I’m pretty stoked about it and I have a fun day planned involving tigers, an art museum and sushi.

I thought I’d share with you 23 gems of wisdom I’ve gleaned from the last 23 years, lessons I’ve learned that have made an impact in my life.

Without further ado:

  1. Gratitude is key to happiness
  2. Stay connected to your creative spirit, and you’ll never feel uninspired
  3. Never ever neglect self-care
  4. Stand up for yourself. You deserve it.
  5. If it doesn’t taste good, add either more cheese or more chocolate.
  6. My body knows what I need. Listen to it.
  7. Depression is a sign that something needs to change.
  8. Trials lead to learning, which leads to meaning, which leads to joy.
  9. Know my priorities, and align my life with them.
  10. It’s ok to change my mind. Six times. In one hour.
  11. If I tell myself I can’t, I can’t. If I tell myself I can, I can.
  12. Know thy limits. Respect them.
  13. Happiness is a mindset, not a situation.
  14. Assume the best of everyone. Even if you’re wrong, you’ll feel good  about it.
  15. Seasons of life come and go. Enjoy them.
  16. Always ask “why?”
  17. Make time for fun.
  18. Food doesn’t solve problems, it only solves hunger.
  19. Don’t let one bad day become two.
  20. Make time for stillness, to make sense of everything and carry that feeling.
  21. Bar Keeper’s Friend is the best cleaner in the world.
  22. Know thyself.
  23. Life is beautiful.
What lessons could you add to this list? 

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