Saturday Links I Love 6/11/11


Happy Birthday to me! I’m 23 today and I’m off to go celebrate, but first here are some of my favorite links for the week:

Choose your own beautiful adventure on Beauty Redefined.

I love this beautiful piece at Roots of She. Also, if you want to participate in the Call to Women of the World, click here. Here’s my contribution!

Give and receive more love with these wonderful tips at Curvy Yoga.

Bring more traffic to your art blog (or any blog!) with these tips from Artsy Shark.

Finally, don’t forget to submit your Self-Discovery Word-by-Word post for June here. This month’s word is Bravery! (Catch my previous contributions here and here) Hurry! The deadline is June 17th!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, and don’t forget to leave your favorite links in the comments!

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  1. Happy belated birthday McKella…..I ‘found’ you via a LinkedIn group and came by to see your blog, because the name fascinated me. Your blog looks like a wonderfully happy place to be – I’ll be back. Hope you’re having a wonderful birthday weekend.

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