Setting New Intentions



Good morning! I hope everyone had a great weekend. My birthday weekend was amazing, not just because I got to spend time with Sam and my family, or because I got some delicious sushi or because I visited the zoo and the art museum.

I spent some time reflecting on the last year of my life and what I learned from  it- because 22 was tough- and the person I am now. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I graduated college a little over a year ago and since then I’ve dealt with graduate’s depression on top of my regular depression and anxiety, a living situation and job that didn’t agree with me, compulsive eating and eventually adrenal exhaustion. More on that here. The nice thing about trials is that they teach us things we probably wouldn’t have learned otherwise, and that’s how we grow.

I’m a much better version of myself than a was a year ago, or even six months ago. After a three year downward spiral, I feel like I’ve finally kicked my depression and I feel like myself again. I haven’t been this happy in years.

So, I decided to set some intentions for this next year. I set New Year’s Intentions and done well with some, not so well with others. I like to adjust my intentions halfway through the year though, which coincides nicely with my birthday which is a great time to evaluate current intentions and how they match up with your goals. I think it’s important for everyone to set intentions, but it’s even more important to adjust them as we grow and change.

So here’s my set of intentions, and I’ll hang onto these as long as I need them.

Intentions for 23:

  • Embrace my emotions, the pleasant and unpleasant
  • Practice self-care
  • Overcome my emotional blocks
  • Do things that scare me
  • Live creatively
  • Make time to think, pray and learn
  • Listen to my body (I’ve done well with this lately, more in a later post)
  • Trust God
  • Give love, receive love
  • Let the world see who I am, embrace my inner weirdo
  • Embrace life and all it has to offer
Do you set intentions or make goals for New Years or birthday? What are your mid-year intentions? 

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