Saturday Links I Love 6/18/11

Another week has come and gone. These Saturday links posts are like a little calendar, and I’m blown away every time I write one. Has a week really gone by already? Was my birthday already a week ago?

Here’s some of my favorite things from around the web this week:

What would you save if your house were on fire? Check  out The Burning House. So interesting.

I’ve heard some amazing stories about self-hypnosis during childbirth. I’m still deciding what I think about it, but here’s an interesting site to check out.

Yet another amazing post from Christie at her new site, Also, don’t miss her post on why she chose her own name for her website.

Finally, a poignant interview with Aimee Liu on Nourishing the Soul about Fighting the Stigma of Eating Disorders. I can also apply to any mental illness.


There you have it, folks. Have an awesome week and leave me your favorite links to your own blog or anything else in the comments!


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  1. Happy late birthday! I’m so glad I found your blog 🙂
    Self hypnosis is really interesting…do you thiink it could really work?

    and if my house were burning down i’d definitely get my dogs out first! but i’ll go read the link now 😛

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