Join the Big Scary Monster Series: Making Friends with Fear


We all have big, scary monsters inside of us, or at least that’s how we feel while we’re experiencing them. These monsters are our fears. 

I’ve been writing about fear a lot lately (because I’ve been encountering it a lot, good sign)  so I decided to start a series called My Big, Scary Monster and I’d like to invite you to join as well! Write about your fears in the comments, write a post about your Big Scary Monster on your own blog and link back to me. If you don’t have a blog, feel free to email me a post and I can post it on Handprint Soul.

I won’t have a set schedule for this series, I’ll just let your entries trickle in and I’ll write about my own monsters as I encounter them.

The goal of this series is to talk about and face our Big Scary Monsters and ultimately make friends with them, because monsters need friends too.

I don’t believe that fears are things to be avoided, squashed down, ignored, or even conquered. Our minds are designed to protect us and fear is one of the tools it uses to do that. Fear prevents us from stepping into the unknown and being vulnerable. If you feel fear, GOOD! That means you have a fully-functional brain that is serving you well. These are friendly monsters that are just trying to  take care of you.



Sometimes, fear can hold us back from what we need to do, and this is when we need to pass through our fears, just like passing through a metal detector in an airport, or through beads hanging in a doorway. You don’t have to blow up the metal detector or tear down the beads, simply walk through them.

  • Accept your fear
  • Embrace your fear
  • Understand your fear
  • Pass through your fear
  • Grow and be Great

So I’d like to invite you all to join me in the series to write about our Big Scary Monsters, and I’ll include all the posts, links and comments I receive in a round-up post at the end of the month, so this is also a good opportunity to promote your blog if you have one!

Happy writing!


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  1. Are you familiar with Thom Rutledge? He has written some really great books about embracing fear.

  2. I’m noticing a lot of fears lately too!

    Some are easier to embrace than others.

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