Saturday Links I Love 6/25/11

Guess what six months from today is? CHRISTMAS! No, I’m not serious, but I did just notice that we are exactly halfway between Christmases.

So here are some things I fell in love with this week, leave your own links in the comments!

Here’s the roundup of this month’s Self-Discovery Word-by-Word on “Bravery”, and here’s my post in case you missed it!

This blog belongs to my friends roommate and I just love it. Also, check out her incredible etsy shop. I totally want the green pixie hat.

Sign up for this free e-course Declare your Dare at Powering Possible. I signed up and I already love it.

This video on networking with passion, purpose and power.

That’s all for this week!


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  1. Tana Besendorfer

    McKella… are so amazing! I love reading your posts, they make me think and reflect. I would like to be as open as you. Reading your thoughts helps me, if even just a little, to remember the better things in life, reflection and self-care. I like that you can slow down and get introspective, I definitely need to do this more too. Thank you….keep posting and I’ll keep reading (it’s good mini-therapy for me).

  2. I told my husband it was halfway to Christmas and he got really excited. I better get a jump on the Christmas shopping.

  3. Christmas!!

    I’m not even a Christmas person (I do actually like working retail during Christmas though — weird, eh), but you got me excited!

    I love the Self Discovery Word by Word concept and your post was lovely!

    I’ll be reading =)

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