Are you getting what you want? Do you KNOW what you want?

I’d wager that most of us feel a certain amount of dissatisfaction with our lives. We’d like to do more, have more, or be more. Is this an unhealthy attitude? Sometimes yes, but we’re not talking about the “You can never be too rich or too thin” attitude here. This is about striving to become a better version of yourself, to fully embody your purpose and passion and creating a life that feels completely free and authentic to you.

So, what do you want?

A career? A love affair? Better health? Social connection?

Are you getting it?

I want you to sit for a minute and really envision what you want. Picture it. Your career is thriving, it doesn’t feel like work. Your body is healthy and strong. You’re sharing a special moment with that special someone, or you feel like a valued part of a circle of friends. What does that vision look like?  What does it feel like?

I’ve found that in order to reach a goal, we have to really understand what we’re striving for. We have to have a completely clear vision of what we want, or we spend a lot of time wandering in circles and wondering why we’re not getting anywhere.

I say we spend  a lot of time instead of we waste  a lot of time, because that time spent wandering is important. That’s where we make discoveries, and often when we discover that we aren’t clear on what we want after all.

So now it’s time to get clear. How? This process works differently for everyone, but it includes two parts: Pondering and Mapping

1-Pondering is just what it sounds like. Think about what you want. Picture it. Read. Gather ideas. Allow yourself to fantasize, and feel what it feels like to have what you want. I like to do this on long walks, but do whatever works best for you.

2-Mapping is different for everyone, but this is the act of getting your visions into something tangible. For me, I like to actually sit and free write and make lists. You can draw your vision, or make a collage or vision board. Make a Handprint List. The point is to get it out where you can see it or read it with your physical eyes. Most of us are sight-driven, and having something we can read or look at constantly reminds us where we’re going, and from then on we can begin the work of getting there.

Getting clear is the first step to getting what you want and something you may have to keep doing throughout your journey. Think of your desire as a block of wood or stone that you keep chipping away at until you free the sculpture within. It might take awhile, but the end result is stunning.

Good luck!



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