Three wishes…

I usually don’t like to wish. I used to think that wishes were a waste of energy, and that goals were the only things that matter.


“Don’t wish. Don’t start. Wishing only wounds the heart.”

-From Wicked


Bologna. Baloney. However you want to spell it.

I love Wicked, I even have a $75 snow globe from the show to prove it, but wishes are brain candy. Goals and dreams start with wishes.

Wishes are the seeds that grow into our dreams.

However, some of my wishes are just that. Wishes. I can’t control them. But they’re amusing to think about sometimes. Like playing “what if.”

If I had three wishes, here’s what they would be:

  1. I wish my hair would grow faster so I wouldn’t be so scared to do fun things with it. Get layers. Blue streaks. I’ve never had a fun cut, I’ve never dyed it because it grows so slowly that I’ll be stuck with whatever I do to it for about eight years.  I’m kind of tired of straight brown blunt boring.
2. I wish I could have pets in my apartment. I miss my kitty, Louka. I want to get a little doggy to keep me company on all my long walks. I’m also sure that my neighbors think I’m a little creepy because I know all their cats by name and stop to pet them every chance I get.
3. I wish my teeth weren’t so wimpy. They hurt when I eat anything cold or sweet. No, it doesn’t stop me. I brush religiously, but I still get cavities. My husband can bite through pop cans, but I have a hard time with really crusty bread in restaurants.

It’s fun to wish sometimes.

If you had three wishes, what would they be? And no wishing for more wishes. That’s not fun.


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  1. I don’t know what my three wishes would be off hand, but I miss my kitty, too.

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