New Painting-I’m in Awe

Sometimes, we just need to stop and drink it all in. Look out at our lives and marvel at the sheer miracle of existence, the beauty of the landscape, and know  that you can always change, this is always the first step. The rest  of your life starts now, in this moment.

I painted this piece because I knew I was standing at the beginning of an amazing journey. I just wanted to take a moment to look around, to stop and think of all the events that miraculously led me to this moment.

I believe that things happen the way they need to happen, that we are led to where we need to be. I don’t believe in chance or luck. It never ceases to amaze me how seemingly meaningless events can have such a massive impact on our lives. It’ s funny how we realize this years later, that how that person you sat next to in class would continue to inspire you years later, how you’d learn so much from a situation that seemed miserable at the time, and how you happened to be in the right place at the right time.

The perfection, the possibility, and knowing that this moment will somehow propel me through my journey leaves me awe-struck.

This painting features a silhouetted figure on a bench in a panoramic, surreal landscape in yellow, brown, orange and forest green. The landscapes includes mist, four celestial bodies and three trees that are shedding their scarlet leaves into the unseen breeze.

This piece is now available on Etsy.

Acrylic on Canvas 24X48

What has brought you to this moment? Where are you going?

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  1. It’s beautiful!!

    Thanks for saying hi and keeping in touch!

    Happy Holidays!

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