20 Ways to be Creative Today

Exercising your creativity, even on the busiest days, is like multivitamins for your soul! Here’s a few tips for working more creative fun into your day:
  1. Do a few pages of freewriting in the morning. Anything in your head, just write it out.
  2. Carry a camera, and take pictures of things that look interesting. That leaf on the sidewalk. That cloud that looks like a puffy T-Rex. Your shadow on the wall. 
  3. Wear a color that expresses your mood.
  4. Make a face out of the leftovers on your plate.

    Mr. Macaroni Face

  5. Add something new to your salad or sandwich.
  6. Pay attention to what inspires you.
  7. Carry a little notebook or sketchbook to capture ideas and thoughts.
  8. Ask yourself “what if?” at least three times. Not “what if” in a stressy way, but “what if” so you can imagine the possibilities.
  9. Do something differently.
  10. Sing in the shower. Bonus if you make up your own song.
  11. Dance to your favorite song. Feel the music in your body and move with it.
  12. Think of a different solution to a problem.
  13. Doodle.
  14. Daydream. What would you do if you could do anything?
  15. Change the rules.
  16. Play with a child. If you don’t have kids and can’t borrow any, build yourself a fort out of blankets, or read yourself a story.
  17. Take a walk and notice things.
  18. Read. Stop and think about what you read. Then keep reading.
  19. Invent a new word.
  20. Know that you are creative.

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