A Simple Meditation

I’ve never really been into meditation, or at least not into sitting upright on a cushion with my hands rested on my knees, palms to the sky. I do understand the important of clearing one’s mind and slowing down, but I’ve found a way that’s effective for me.

Yes, that is the ceiling of my studio.

I love to lay on the floor of my studio and stare up at the ceiling, or even close my eyes. For some reason, this never fails to calm me and get me into my body. Maybe it’s because of the different view, looking up at a blank ceiling instead of cluttered shelves and colorful walls. Maybe it’s because laying down spreads the pull of gravity all over my body , which helps me to focus on the rise and fall of my stomach as I breathe, the weight of my hips sinking into the floor, and relieving my muscles of any work whatsoever. Much better than a stiff, straight spine and sore butt from seated meditation.

I’ve never fallen asleep doing this, but it never fails me when I remember to do it. After ten minutes or so, my thoughts are clear, I’m calm, and my body even feels refreshed. It’s wonderful, and it works for me.

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