How to be Creative All the Time

Well, almost all the time.

I’ve been a “creative type” all my life and I’ve noticed that when people comment on my art/writing/singing/piano playing/acting, the often follow the comment with something like “I’m not creative. I don’t have any gifts like that.”


Everyone is creative. More specifically, everyone has creativity. Each one of us has unlimited creative potential, but most of us think of creativity as a novelty, a gift that some people have rather than a lifestyle. Creativity is like health. It’s our natural state of being, but it gets lost without the proper care. Like health, our precious creativity can be eroded by stress, lack of self-care, negativity, and skewed ideas of what this trait actually is. It’s about thriving, not surviving. Health is not dragging yourself from day to day while relying on crutches like caffeine and sugar just as creativity isn’t performing your basic duties required to hold you life together.

You can learn to cultivate creativity. I’ve written about this before, but here are some tips to keep your creative channels clean and healthy:

  • Let go of perfectionism.
  • Make space in your schedule for “creative playtime.” You need it. Do whatever lights you up whether it’s making a piece of art, dabbling in poetry, inventing a new cheesecake recipe, or staring that novel you’ve always wanted to write. Do this regularly. It doesn’t have to be perfect, or even good. It’s just playtime.
  • Take care of yourself physically and emotionally.Deal with stress in healthy ways. It’s hard to think creatively if you’re in survival mode. Exercise and eat foods that nourish you. Get to bed at a decent hour. You live through your body, so if you’re body is dragging, your creativity will too.
  • Follow your inspiration. Notice the things that draw you in, and don’t fight them. If you’re oddly drawn to Japanese cooking, go for it. If you’ve always wanted to learn to sew, get on Craiglist and find a sewing machine. If a certain book or movie stirs something in your soul, tear that sucker apart until you find what’s awakened.
  • Accept that you are a creative being. Understanding this deep in your soul will open up a new world of possibility and adventure for you. Tell yourself that you are creative. Believe it. Allow yourself to see the world through the eyes of a creative person, and you will start to see things differently.

How does that feel? Do you feel that you’re a creative person?


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  1. I feel I’m creative and struggle to find balance in other things.

    • I get that way too sometimes! I think that the more we learn to integrate creativity with the rest of our lives, or vice versa, the more balanced we’ll be overall. It’s more about integration than separation.

  2. I like to believe I am. I think we have this bad habit of pushing away labels just because we don’t feel we’re good at (insert creative thing here). If we stopped thinking so hard about it, the ability to do will come. You only get better at something the more you do it and I think cultivating talent comes with some practice on our parts. I guess you could argue that not every ability is some great hidden talent, but it’s fun to dabble in them even if we don’t share them with the world.

  3. Good advice. Blogging has been a helpful exercise in creativity. I write novels, and that is a long process. But the weekly commitment of a blog has been just what I needed to produce short pieces. I am a professional storyteller and writer, so I tend to see stories everywhere and in everything. But now, instead of having them fly in and out of my very busy brain, I jot them down as they occur to me and keep an idea file, knowing that I can share it as a short topic for my blog, Writing Between the Lines.

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