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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Yesterday was our 4th anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been married for 4 years. It seems like it went by so fast, but at the same time it feels like we’ve been together forever.

I thought it would be fun to tell you our story. Sam and Kella: The Early Years.

We actually met in high school. He was a few years older than me and in the drama club. I was just starting high school and decided to join the drama club to try to make some friends and come out of my shell. I was super shy and awkward, partially because I was overweight at the time and really uncomfortable with it. I went to the opening drama social and during a game in the auditorium, I managed to fall down the stairs and dislocate my shoulder. His friends rescued me and that certainly got Sam’s attention. After that, I everyone remembered me, which was nice because I was way too shy to make an impression on my own.

Sam and I got to be good friends during rehearsals and when we’d all hang around in the drama room. He was dating someone at the time and I wasn’t old enough to date at all, but I felt differently about him. It wasn’t even a crush at the time, I just remember it as being a sort of warmth, and I really liked spending time with him.

We stayed friends after he graduated. We talked on the phone all the time, he’d come to my plays, and we’d squeeze in some time to hang out whenever we could, even if we just bummed around Walmart for a few minutes when he needed to buy socks. I remember writing in my journal, “I want to marry someone like Sam, whom I can have fun with even if we’re just buying socks at Walmart”.


Fast forward two years: He returned from a 2 year LDS mission and I was in college by that time. I’d dated a few guys while he was gone, lost a lot of weight, and did a little growing up. When he got back, I’d expected to pick up where we left off. I took him out to breakfast so we could catch up, and we ended spending the whole day together. By the afternoon, he informed me that we were on a date, and we actually had our first smooch that day.

I was quite surprised to say the least. I hadn’t considered the possibility that we might actually date. In high school, he’d been the cool guy while I was the awkward girl, or at least the was the way I saw it then. I’d never thought I’d liked him in that way, but once that door was opened, it made so much sense. Relationship with others guys were always so dramatic and stressful, but everything was simple and easy with him. No jealousy or competition. No ownership. It was just us. Fun.

A year later on May 6th, 2008, we got married in the Logan temple in Logan, Utah. We’ve definitely had our bumps, because we’re very different people. He’s very social and laid-back while I need lots of alone time and tend to stress out about things. Sam likes noise, I like quite. We deal with conflict differently. I wake up early and he’s a night owl. We’re both messy, but I’m slightly messier. We come from completely different backgrounds. We fight over stupid stuff sometimes.

We’re not perfect, but we’re still best friends. We still dork around at Walmart and have a great time. I’m glad I have my Sam and I look forward to many more years together 🙂


New Painting-A Mix of Techniques

I like to play with different techniques when I paint. I like using different brush strokes to play with the visual texture, I love wrapping the canvas with string to create a little “frame” right on the surface, and I like using linoleum blocks to stamp right onto the canvas.

I have a linoleum block tree and some rubber circles that I carved on high school, and I’ve used them in dozens of projects since. I think that’s where I got started with celestial bodies and trees.

Anyway, I’ve just listed this result of some creative playtime:

11X14 Acrylic Paint and String on Canvas Board

I think I like stamping on canvas because the print never comes out perfectly like it’s supposed to in traditional linocut prints. I like to mix the colors that I apply to the block so that the colors blend into the print, and by applying paint instead of ink and using a brush instead of a roller or brayer, the paint goes onto the block unevenly and leaves behind a gorgeous texture that reminds me of leaf veins. That texture really shows up here in the suns.

This piece is on 11X14 canvas board. It would look great in a frame! Available for purchase here.

10 Things I Love about Art

I love art. That’s no secret. I’ve met people that don’t love art, and I just can’t wrap my brain around it. How can someone not love art? How can someone go through life without encountering a piece of art that moves them? I don’t know.

Mixed Media, 8X10 canvas board

Why do I love art? Here’s why:

  1. It can be deep and thought-provoking, or just pretty.
  2. There’s not right or wrong way to be an artist.
  3. It scrapes to the very bottom of my soul and gets to the little crevices. It brings things to the surface that I never knew were there.
  4. It fills us with emotion.
  5. It’s a universal language. It helps us communicate feelings that transcend words alone.
  6. Art is fun!
  7. It brings us together, and also brings us closer to ourselves.
  8. Anyone can make art. Anyone can have fun with it.
  9. Art heals.
  10. Art allows us to exercise one of our most divine traits: creativity.

What do you love about art? What do you love about your passion?