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8 Things to do on a bad body day

You’ve coming a long way in learning to love your body with all it’s beautiful imperfections and quirks, but those days, the ones where you feel like hiding in bed all day so you don’t have to face the mirror, are bound to happen once in a while. We all have them. I do all the time. Here’s  what I do to turn it around:

  1. Exercise…or not. Exercise helps you sweat out toxins and stress while releasing calming hormones called endorphins. You’ll raise your energy level all day and possibly strike a truce with your body during you’re run, but exercise may not do it for you today. If you’ve been pushing your body through killer workouts or if you’re starting to develop a negative view of exercise, you might need a break. Go for a calm walk or just skip the workout all together and read a book instead. Listen to your body and your soul to know what you need today.
  2. Wear something flattering and comfortable: Ideally, your wardrobe should make you feel confident and comfortable, but if you have a favorite pair of jeans or a cute dress you’ve been waiting to wear, today’s the day to do it. No tight waistbands, pinchy shoes, or ill-fitting pants. You’ll never feel comfortable in your skin if you’re uncomfortable in your clothes.
  3. Do something you enjoy and excel at: confidence in your abilities helps breed confidence of your body.
  4. Avoid damaging media: stay away from magazines, movies and tv today. Bodies are portrayed unrealistically in the media, and looking at them might trigger comparision thinking, which never helps you.
  5. Instead, read an inspiring book: read Hunger by Crystal Renn, or another book that celebrates all kinds of beauty, or that emphasizes other virtues.
  6. Don’t starve and don’t stuff: Nothing makes me feel worse about my body than feelings stuffed and bloated after eating too much. You may be susceptible to emotional eating today, so be careful to pay extra attention to your hunger and fullness signals.
  7. Stay busy…or not. Use your judgement to decide what you need: to rest, or to keep occupied so you have less time to dwell on the negative. You know yourself best.
  8. Write, if it helps you. List the parts of your body and personality that you love and why, or try finding something you like about your least favorite parts.

What do you do when you feel bad about your body?