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An Authentically Goofy Post

I was going to post about something deep and serious, but I just don’t feel like it. I feel like being a goof instead. Though I can certainly be serious and cerebral, I’m actually kind of a weirdo, though I’m sneaky about it. I have a very dry, irreverent sense of humor. I grew up watching The Three Stooges, The Muppet Show, and Benny Hill, so how could I be anything but? I love puns, slapstick, and satire.

This is probably the most random post I’ve ever done.

So here’s the goofy side:

Here I am bringing sexy back after my visit to the eye doctor.

The Muppets I most identify with:


Gonzo the oddball, and Floyd Pepper, the snarky musician who lives and breathes his art.

One of my favorite bad mood activities: Take a baby animal break.

Instructions: Google “cute baby animals” and let the cuteness overload wash away your stinky mood. Works every time.


More goofy factiods:

  • I love to make faces with leftovers on my plate.
  • I sing opera when I’m alone. Badly.
  • I like to dance (also badly) while I clean my apartment.
  • I have a habit of accidentally saying dirty things, either because my words get mixed up on the way out or because I’m just innocent. My husband finds this hilarious.
  • There’s a stuffed broccoli toy at Ikea that I have to talk myself out of getting every time I go there.
  • I name my houseplants after Fraggles.

What goofy things do you love to do?

Being Here and the Kreativ Blogger Award

This week, I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing things very quickly and that I’ve been holding a lot of tension in my body, especially my shoulders and face. Sometimes at work I’ll notice that my shoulders are burning or that my cheeks hurt. I know myself well enough to know that this means that I’ve been doing too much white-knuckling. I’ve been charging through things without paying attention to now.

Sometimes I need to remind myself to unclench my jaw, take some deep breathes, and come back into the moment. I think we all need that reminder sometimes, so today as you go about your business, remember to be in your body. Notice something around you. Release the tension that we all tend to hoard in our bodies. No matter what’s going on for us, remember that there’s still the sky. Birds are still flying around. The world is still turning. Even if we’re drowning in a giant puddle of stress, Spring is still coming. Flowers still bloom. It’s just a little blip on the radar.

Just a reminder for the both of us ๐Ÿ™‚

In other new, Megan from Make Something Mondays has given me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks Megan!

In order to claim the Kreativ Blogger Award hereโ€™s what I and the next lucky recipients need to do:

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award and provide a link.

2. List 7 things about yourself that your readers might find interesting

3. Nominate 7 other bloggers, provide links, and let them know!

So, in case you find random stuff about me interesting…

  1. Most of my favorite movies and TV shows are technically for kids, but I love them anyway. I love Coraline, Milo and Otis, anything to do with Pixar, Disney movies, and Jim Henson everything.
  2. I got my first bee sting when I was 3 or 4. I told my mom that I was squeezing the bee because “I was trying to get the honey out!”
  3. I love food and I have very adventurous tastes. When I went to China, I was always the first to try the chicken feet/sea cucumber/green eggs/fish dishes. Sushi and calamari are some of my favorite foods.
  4. I’m not afraid of snakes, spiders, or heights, but I’m terrified of walking on a frozen lake. No ice fishing for me. I’m also scared of centipedes and I hate “rocket” rides at theme parks. The ones that shoot you up and then drop you? Nope.
  5. I was 10lbs, 2oz when I was born. I love you Mom.
  6. I met my husband in high school when I fell down the stairs and dislocated my left shoulder. His friends rescued me, and after that, I was kind of a part of the group. I made really good friends with both him and his then girlfriend, so I was usually the third wheel. We got married five years later.
  7. I have a very dry, irreverent sense of humor that I get from my dad. I like to joke about things like death and pain, because why not? Even if it’s not funny, joking about it makes it easier to accept as parts of life.

Now I get to pick 7 other bloggers to stick in the hot seat! Go say hi to them!

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Now go have an awesome day. ๐Ÿ™‚