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Saturday Links I Love-4/16/11

Was these week super-fast for anyone else? No, just me? Oh well, here’s some of the coolest things I’ve seen online this week. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to submit your self-love letter to Voice in Recovery!

Give your body a much-needed vacation. I love this idea.

When I grow up, I want to be like this woman. Check out this interview at Healthy Tipping Point!

I recently found this site, and it’s one I’ll have to explore some more, because I’ve barely scratched the surface. This is my favorite article so far, because it’s a lot like the journaling I already do.

This girl is incredible. Definitely my new favorite cover of this song.

These cookies are to die for! (For a coffee-free version, use Pero instead of coffee granules. )

That’s all folks! Don’t forget to leave me links to cool stuff you’ve come across this week!