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Saturday Links I Love 4/30/11

Good morning everyone! This morning, I woke up warm and cozy in my bed, saw the bright light filtering through the closed blinds in my bedroom. I got up and opened the blinds to see the beautiful spring day I was hoping for…and instead I saw about four inches of snow smothering EVERYTHING. I try to stay positive, but I’m not sure how to deal with this one because I’m sick to death of winter. Someday, I will move somewhere where snow doesn’t exist. I’m crossing my fingers that the bright sun will get to work on melting this fluffy white ridiculousness, pronto.

So here’s my favorite links for the week, enjoy and don’t forget to leave your links in the comments!

Don’t forget to check out the Word-by-Word roundup at Medicinal Marzipan! If you missed my post, here it is.

I found this site, created by too grad students in Salt Lake City, not too far from me! If  you live in Utah, make sure to read this article. I found myself either nodding in agreement or with my jaw in my lap.

To get an idea of how much America is actually consuming, take a look at this. Bet you’ll think twice about that disposable water bottle.

My friend and her two sisters choose a word and they each take a picture to represent this word. The result is some amazing photography, so don’t miss Three Thousand Words. 

That’s is for this week, so hopefully this snow melts before I decide to crawl back into bed and never resurface. Or go outside with a hair dryer and melt it myself.

Have a good weekend!