The Handprint List

McKella’s Handprint List

I call it this because it’s who I am, what I hope to become, and the mark I want to leave on the world.

Travel: I’d like my travel to be a combination of study, volunteering, research, work and tourism. Vacations are fun, but I want to learn and contribute also, and not just with my money to the tourism industry.

  1. India (Taj Majal, Jaisalmer Fort, etc. I’d love to volunteer here.)
  2. Japan (Climb Mt. Fuji, take in Tokyo)
  3. Thailand (Ride an elephant, Wat Phra Keo, Ayutthaya)
  4. Cambodia (Angor Wat)
  5. Nepal (I’d love to volunteer here too.)
  6. China (been there, I’d love to go back. It’s  a huge country, lots more to do!) 
  7. Do a family history tour through England, Ireland, and Denmark
  8. Italy (Rome, Venice Biennalle, Venice, eat some real Italian food)
  9. The Vatican
  10.   Greece (see the old ampitheatres, study ancient art, Santorini)
  11.   Turkey (Nemrut Dag, the Blue Mosque)
  12. Samarkand, Uzebekistan (This one’s flexible. Mostly I love Middle Eastern architecture, and this place looks incredible)
  13. Tanzania (Ngorongoro Crater, Zanzibar)
  14.  France (Monet’s Gardens, study art)
  15.   Scotland (Edinburgh Castle)
  16.  Eastern Europe (Romania, Ukraine, Etc.) A few years ago I looked at teaching English in the orphanages, and I’d still love to.
  17. Galapagos Islands to see wildlife up close.
  18.  Egypt (Temple of Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Pyramids, ride a camel,
  19. Peru (Hike to Macchu Picchu)
  20. Mexico (Improve my Spanish, visit ancient ruins)
  21.  Australia (Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru)
  22. Croatia
  23. Ireland (Family history)
  24. Denmark (also family history)
  25. England (Stonehenge, more family history, take in London)

United States

26. Road trip across America (On a bike if I want to get really brave)

27.  New England during the fall, especially Salem to learn about the witch trials.

28.  Visit the Sacred Grove

29. New York (Been there, but I’d love to go back for the art. And the food. Mmm, the food.)

30.  Washinton DC, to learn about our county’s history.

31.  Visit Native American pueblos

32.  Visit the Muppet stuff in the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta, Georgia.

33. Hike the Grand Canyon

34. Visit Zion National Park


35. Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

36. Speak Spanish fluently

37. Learn to belly dance

38. Learn to surf

39. Improve my piano playing

40. Improve my singing

41. Sewing (enough to actually alter and design my own clothes)

42. Photography

43.  Bookmaking as an art form

44.  Study abroad

(Ok, I totally double dipped on this one)

46.  Learn a martial art

47.  Learn to place Linus and Lucy in full

48.  Make my own ravioli

49. Learn to meditate

50.  Study psychology

51.  Skip rocks

52. Learn modern dance


53.  Publish novels.

54.  Publish at least one non-fiction book

55.  Make a living doing what I love

56. Write and publish a children’s book

57.  Create a whole body of art work and have a gallery show, even a private one.


58.  Sell a piece of art

59.  Change a tire all by myself

60.  Try African dance

61.  Name a star

62.  See the Spiral Jetty

63.  See Halley’s Comet

64.  See the northern lights

65.  Touch a whale

66.  See a whale in the wild

67.  Pet a tiger

68.  Learn to live simply

69.  Skinny dip

70. Make a two-headed snowman, Calvin and Hobbes style

71.  Swim with dolphins

72.  Volunteer in an animal shelter

73.  Volunteer to help abused women and children

74. Donate a holiday, the time and money I would have spent.

75.  Plant a tree

76.  Try bikram yoga

77.  Reach my natural ideal weight through intuitive eating and enjoyable movement.

78.  Eat at a raw vegan restaurant, just to try.

79.  Run a half-marathon

80.  Run a race for charity

81.  Master an arm balance

82.  Do a headstand

83.  Go rock climbing

84.  Ride in a hot air balloon

85.  Live by the ocean

86.  Go sailing

87.  Grow something edible

88.  Do the splits

89.  Sing in a rock band

90.  Try fencing

91.  Watch a meteor shower

92.  Write, compose and perform a song


90. Get married in the Temple

93.  Become a mother

94.  At least try natural childbirth…this is a big maybe, I don’t know, I don’t know.

95.  Research my geneology

96.  Do temple work for my family members


97.  Conquer my depression and anxiety

98.  Learn to truly manage stress

99.  Conquer fear (driving, being away from my family, offending people, etc.)

100.  Learn to be happy no matter what my circumstance

101. Age gracefully. None of this wrinkle fighting or hair-dyeing stuff.

102. Finally, make an amazing scrapbook of all this


103. Go on a mission with Sam

104. Study all the standard work

105. Attend a temple session in a foreign country

106.  Meet the Prophet

107. Take the gospel with me wherever I go. Set an example of love for everyone.

  1. Wow, McKella, this list is incredible! I think it’s so great that you’ve laid it all out like this; it’s obvious that you have a strong, healthy sense of self. You know what you want out of life – and what you want to share with others – and that is SO inspiring! Thank you for sharing this!

    • No problem! Thanks for reading! I made a kitchen bucket list too just for fun, but I don’t know if I’ll post it. I’d feel silly because you did it first 🙂

  2. Kella, Can I help you accomplish some of these things? Some we can do together and other ones I have connections to where you can start checking them off your list. We haven’t hung out in quite sometime.

  3. Definitely must see Croatia;-)

  4. MakeSomethingMondays

    Wow, you have quite a list here! I look up to you for wanting to try so many new things. People are creatures of habit and I thank you for helping to break the mold!!! I wish you the best in your endeavors! ❤

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